Discover culture with us…

Cultural trips are a great opportunity to discover unknown places and foreign cultures. Whether you are planning a long desired journey or the cultural trip you’ve been postponing for such a long time we take you on journey back in history. Discover places ripe with Islamic cultural heritage and architecture from Bosnia to Andalusia.

One of our most beautiful destinations is Jerusalem, where we visit the Aqsa-Mosque and many more sites of Palestine. Our cultural tour through Bosnia takes you from Sarajevo and Mostar to Travbik. Along the way,  you will have the chance to admire architectural treasures from the Ottoman era. Entrenched in the scent of orange blossoms in beautiful Andalusia, we will discover the museums and castles of Malaga, Granada, Sevilla, and Cordoba.


Our cultural trips aren’t just sightseeing tours. You may as well enjoy the history, tradition and local cuisine. Our friendly and professional guides are looking forward to making this a very special event for you.